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Venice Secrets

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Find your way through the expensive and mysteriously Serene Republic.

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The Giro d'Italia Starts in Northern Ireland

Monday April 14, 2014

giro picture
This year the Giro d'Italia, the world's second biggest bike race (and the one before the Tour de France), starts in Northern Ireland. The three days they spend there will take them through 426.7km of northern Irish countryside before heading off for the region of Puglia to start the Italian part of the Giro.

The race should be fun to watch. In case you need some facts about it, The Belfast Telegraph offers up the interesting: 25 days until the Giro d'Italia - and here's a fact for every one of them.

Art in the Countryside

Friday April 11, 2014

montestigliano, water colors
Ever think about painting the Tuscan countryside? I hadn't. But you can. We're at Montestigliano, a farm estate in the province of Siena, where groups come to paint, taste wine and olive oil, and learn, as we will later this morning, how to forage for herbs in the countryside. There are also opportunities to practice dolce far neinte, the sweetness of doing nothing.

That's my painting in the foreground. I need practice making my cedars straight, but in a couple of years I'm sure I can produce a salable work.

Ballooning Tuscany

Tuesday April 8, 2014

tuscany ballooning
The landscape of Chianti in Tuscany has enchanted visitors for centuries--long enough for the storied land to have acquired the nickname "Chiantishire", referring to the foreigners from less gentle climes who flocked there.

To want to see this land from the wicker basket of a balloon held aloft by mere blasts of hot air is a natural, at least for Phileas Fogg types who have an eye for (small) adventures.

We recently took one of these contraptions on a short flight along the Pesa River. Pockets of fog along the torrente lent mystery to the patchwork of vineyards, orchards, forests and family farms. At the end there was bubbly, as old Phileas might have expected.

You should do this. Here's how (with pictures): Ballooning Tuscany.

Athens to Santorini Island

Sunday April 6, 2014

Are you a beginner to Greek island hopping? No matter, it's easy to get between the mainland and the islands, but there are many choices to make, Fast hydrofoil or slow ferry? How about a flight? Swim?

Santorini is one of the top island destinations in Greece, so why not check out all the ways to get between Athens port of Pireus to the Cyclades Island of Santorini?

From there you can go on to Crete or even Turkey. Once you start island hopping, it's hard to stop.

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