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James Martin

Sexy Viking Women on Display in Sweden

By February 29, 2008

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Everyone has studied the Vikings at one time or another. Known for their raids and for the Berzerkers who lead the charges with their legendary crazed rage, Vikings were feared by just about everyone. Of course, the "truths" about Vikings were written by the bitter losers in the whole deal, mainly Christians who despised them and denied them certain trade privileges, so the real truth is likely to be way gentler.

Consider the womenfolk. At one time we thought, "golly, they must have been sitting around their hovels covered entirely in animal skins, whiling away the time until their men came home triumphant after pillaging half the European mainland."

But now we're learning that instead of dressing "conservatively", archaeologists have discovered that "Scandinavian beauties combined Nordic with oriental styles, adorning themselves in bright colors, silk ribbons and small glittering mirrors," according to Gaddling.

Quite a change. But you don't have to believe me, you can check the archaeologists' work by visiting the exhibit at Uppsala University's Gustavianum Museum running through September 14, 2008.

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