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James Martin

Noah's Ark in the Netherlands

By December 20, 2012

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The Mayan "4th world" is scheduled to end on December 21st, a date you've been fretting over, I'm sure. It won't be the first time the world was destroyed and re-created, of course. There was that Noah and the ark thing.

Did you know you can visit a recreation of Noah's Ark? Yep, after a dream featuring a giant wave that covered the Netherlands,  Johan Huibers created a full scale replica of the ark, and you can see it in the harbor of Dordrecht in the Netherlands.

Never heard of Dordrecht? It's southeast of Rotterdam and it's the oldest city in the Netherlands. Dordrecht is known for its festivals and events and holds the largest Christmas market in the Netherlands. Vincent van Gogh spent the first months of 1877 as book clerk in Dordrecht, which hosts the Netherlands' second largest book market.

Where is Dordrecht? See a location map.

Find out more about the ark and see Pictures:

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