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Europe Travel March 2006 Archive


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Odd and Reasonably Fascinating Travel News from Europe

Friday March 31, 2006
Paris officials have been running around with the appropriate wrenches converting the cities self-cleaning public toilets to be free. No, I don't mean they're letting them run off to the ... Read More

Worms Married to your Pork - Is it Time for Slow Food Yet?

Thursday March 30, 2006
Certainly by now you've read the delightful news that scientists are mucking about with pork again. First they took the fat out of it, leaving it dry and tastless after ... Read More

Notes from the Paralympics in Italy

Wednesday March 29, 2006
Marla Gulley was kind enough to write us from her "gold medal" Bella Baita Bed & Breakfast in Italy's Piemonte, close to the 2006 Olympic venues, to tell ... Read More

Avoid conflict and strife on your vacation--try Lisbon

Tuesday March 28, 2006
With all the scuttlebutt about dangerous travel floating around, maybe you're looking for a destination where people actually work at getting along together. Well, how about trying to fit Lisbon, ... Read More

Eurail Early Bird Special Ends Soon

Monday March 27, 2006
Did you know you can get a free day of travel with each Eurail Selectpass you purchase by the end of March? Well, you'd better get hopping! Check out the ... Read More

Explore Basel, Switzerland

Friday March 24, 2006
Basel, Switzerland is situated at the intersection of Germany, France and Switzerland along the Rhine river. It's one of my favorite places in Switzerland, in part because ... Read More

ETA Permanent Cease Fire - Will Tourists Flock to Basque Country?

Thursday March 23, 2006
From the mailbag: "With the news that the Basque ETA has declared a permanent cease fire, do you think that this may increase the number of American tourists to the ... Read More

Madrid on a Plate

Wednesday March 22, 2006
The Independent has a fine update on the nexus of Europe's most innovative chefs and traditional cuisine, which happens to be happening in Madrid, Spain. How could you not want ... Read More

Choco-Laté: Plan Your Travel Around Belgian Chocolate

Tuesday March 21, 2006
There seems to be chocolate everywhere you look in Bruges, Belgium. Well, they've decided to celebrate: from April 28th to May 1st 2006 in Bruges's historic center you'll find yourself ... Read More

All Art is Quite Useless - So Go See Some on Your European Vacation

Monday March 20, 2006
If you're in London on your European vacation, you might try getting tickets to the exibit Michelangelo Drawings: Closer to the Master at the British Museum. You won't be ... Read More

Frances Mayes: It's not just about Tuscany any more

Monday March 20, 2006
After five years of travel around the world, Frances Mayes writes of the wanderlust that drives some of us to never stop traveling in her latest book, A Year in ... Read More

Ferry Yourself to Corsica on your next European Vacation

Thursday March 16, 2006
Not so many folks plan island vacations when they go to Europe, but there are some pretty compelling reasons to do so--Islands in the Mediterranean offer lots of beach area ... Read More

Beware the Ides of March

Wednesday March 15, 2006
Yep, the fateful day is upon us. You might want to bone up on the spike of history that occured on 44BC with Anthony Peña's article Beware the Ides of ... Read More

Torino Pictures

Tuesday March 14, 2006
Maybe you're a little tired of things coming from Torino, or Turin, Italy, but I just put together a photo gallery of Torino Pictures taken with a pocket camera on ... Read More

DOT Proposes Eliminating Airline Truth in Advertising Rules

Monday March 13, 2006
Let's say you're boppin' down the highway when you see a sign advertising gasoline for 57 cents a gallon. Your heart thumps madly at your good fortune and you pull ... Read More

Ah, Milano!

Saturday March 11, 2006
Milan, or Milano, isn't usually considered one of those top-tier tourist destinations that Italy seems chock full of. Still, one can eat (and shop!) quite well there. On a recent ... Read More

Special Travel Opportunities in Europe

Friday March 10, 2006
Helen Donegan, the editor of Italy With Us, writes to tell us the private, after hours tour of the Vatican she's arranged for March 27th is in danger of being ... Read More

Fly Less. Travel More.

Thursday March 9, 2006
Gadling reports that Tony Wheeler and Mark Ellingham, two big names over at Lonely Planet, "say we all fly too much, too often, and are causing permanent damage to the ... Read More

The Pilgrim's Progress

Wednesday March 8, 2006
The Pilgrims settled in Leiden, but when they left for America, they sailed from a port called Delfshaven. Delfshaven was the port of Delft, and is now a part of ... Read More

See Contemporary Art in Spain Cheap

Tuesday March 7, 2006
The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid has recently expanded, making it one of the largest modern art museums in the world. You can see Picasso's Guernica ... Read More

Food Allergies? Sensitivity? Travel Worry Free!

Monday March 6, 2006
Every cuisine has its quirks, and every waiter his desire to poo-poo your dietary restrictions and food allergies, expecially when a lack of language skills makes a muck of the ... Read More

Volunteering in Europe

Sunday March 5, 2006
In their latest newsletter The Friends of Roman Cats announced plans of a new volunteer program: Friends of Roman Cats is working on a program to find volunteer jobs for ... Read More

Greetings from Pavia

Thursday March 2, 2006
Pavia, in Italy, is known as the city of 100 towers. There are just a few left now, including the stub of one that fell in 1989. A cluster of some of them ... Read More

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