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Denmark Map and Travel Information for Denmark

Map of Denmark

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe for Visitors.
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Plan Your Travel to Denmark with Our Denmark Travel Map

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map of denmark
Map of Denmark ©Mountain High Maps®, modified by James Martin

Denmark Resources on Europe for Visitors:

Copenhagen Denmark Travel Essentials

Denmark Travel Resource Links

Frederiksborg Castle Pictures - Hillerød - Take a virtual visit inside the Frederiksborg Castle located 25 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Christiania - Copenhagen Denmark Links - Find out about the social experiment with self-government and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting. Christiania was started in an abandoned army baracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1971.

Denmark Maps: Scandinavia

Scandinavia Map and Travel Resources - Shows Denmark and its topography in relation to the rest of Scandinavia.

Denmark Essentials: Currency

The currency in Denmark is the Kroner. At the time of writing, 1 Euro was worth about 7.5 Kroner. 1 US Dollar would buy 5.85 Kroner.

Denmark Essentials: Language

The primary language spoken in Denmark is Danish. People in major metropolitan areas will also speak English. Here are some Useful Danish Phrases & Words to use on your Denmark Vacation.

Denmark Essentials: Restaurants

Breakfast can be a rather large affair, with meats, cheeses, and various breads, as well as the other more traditional breakfast items. Lunch is eaten at midday, and usually consists of sandwiches. You'll want to go out once or twice for Smørrebrød, an open-faced sandwich on dark rye bread of various toppings. Dinner is generally a more involved, hot meal taken around 6-7 in the evening.

Denmark Essentials: Tipping

Service is included in hotel and restaurant bills and many guidebooks suggest that people seldom tip in Denmark--but a reader advises, "Although tipping is not strictly required in Denmark, it is certainly advisable, and would be expected in any half-decent restaurant in the country - provided the service had been OK. A 10-30 DKK tip would be normal. Tourists who are unaware of this will leave the country wondering why Danish waiters seemed to frown and grumble so much more than waiters in other places." Hotel porters and taxi drivers who help with your luggage expect around DKr5 (5 Danish kroner) per bag; you should also leave a couple of Kroner for an "attendent" at a public toilet. More on Tipping in Denmark

Denmark Essentials: Transportation

DSB (Danish State Railways) is the major rail carrier in Denmark. A railpass can save you money in Denmark. If you're touring Denmark or any other country in Scandinavia, consider the Scanrail Pass. A Eurail Germany and Denmark Youthpass is also available. Buses link smaller cities without rail connections.

The major airport is in Kastrup 8 miles southeast of Copenhagen serving national and major international carriers, and is a hub for SAS. More on Transportation in Denmark.

Denmark Essentials: Weather

The weather in Denmark is temperate, with 7-10 days of precipitation each month. For representative temperatures see GeographyIQ.

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