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Paris Pictures - Photo Gallery of Paris the City of Light

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paris picture rodin thinker

Paris Picture: Rodin's "The Thinker" in front of the dome of the Hotel des Invalides.

James Martin

Paris Photo Gallery
Here are annotated Paris pictures to whet your appetite for visiting one of Europe's most interesting cities.

New Paris Picture Gallery (17 pictures) - General pictures of Paris, a virtual tour of the city, day and night.

The Louvre (2 pictures)
Paris' most famous museum. Photos of the outside of the museum. For more information on the Louvre, see the official Louvre website.

Paris - La Defense (2 pictures)
Futuristic office buildings - including the most famous one with no middle.

The Eiffel Tower and Views (4 pictures)
We start with two views from the tower, go on to a night shot, and end up with a picture of the Eiffel tower from the opposite bank of the Seine.

Les Halles (3 pictures)
Once a thriving market, now a mall.

St. Eustache (3 pictures)
A church near Les Halles, one of the most important in France. More on St. Eustache and its interesting organ. For events see argos.

The Orsay Museum Exterior Statuary (4 pictures)
Statues from the seven continents are featured.

The Orsay Museum Interior (2 Pictures)

The Art of the Orsay (6 Pictures)
For more information on the Orsay, see the official site du du Musée d'Orsay

Paris Flea Market (1 picture)
Taken at the big flea market in the suburb of Saint-Ouene. To learn all about shopping, including the best Paris Flea markets, see Top Paris Shopping.

Jewler George Fouquet's Rooms (3 pictures)
Jewler Fouquet was one of the adapters of the art deco style, and surrounded himself in it in rooms designed by his partner, artist Alphonse Mucha.

Basilique du Sacré Coeur (2 pictures)
It looks like its heritage is maybe 12th century Byzantine , but the basilica wasn't actually completed until after World War I. There's a great view of Paris from the gallery around the inner dome. A Ticket to the Crypt and the dome will set you back 4.55€. The basilica is free to visit.

The Seine (2 Pictures)
It cuts through half the 20 arrondissements of paris, friends and lovers gather along its cobbled quays. There are 23 bridges.

The Luxembourg Gardens (1 Picture)
A 25 hectare gem of an oasis on Paris' left bank with a palace built in the 17th century by Marie de Medicis.

Other Paris Resources on Europe for Visitors

Our Interactive Map of Paris will show you the general layout of the city of Paris and the tourist attractions in each of the 20 arrondissements or districts of Paris.

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