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France Map & Travel Destinations

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel
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France Cities and Regions to Consider

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France Cities Map

france travel map
Map of France © James Martin, licensed to About.com

Information on Travel in France

For general information on traveling in France, see our France Travel Directory. You'll find the whole range of topics on French travel here.

If you're a city person, you'll probably start your travels in Paris--and you should. If you're visiting London, a popular way to visit Paris is to take the "chunnel train" called Eurostar. You can check prices by using Rail Europe's Eurostar Booking Center (book direct).

Besides being one of Europe's Best Cities to visit, there are several day trips from Paris featuring some great buildings, from the palace at Versailles to the famous Gothic cathedral at Chartres.

Speaking of the great Gothic cathedrals of France, the cathedral at Amiens is the largest of the three, and visitors to the town can walk the old tow path along the river to see the famous floating gardens that have supplied the city with flowers and vegetables since medieval times.

With high speed trains from Paris common these days, a trip to World Heritage Site Avignon in southern Provence can be done in a little over two and a half hours. If you're a wine lover, the Cotes du Rhone is a hop, skip and a jump away.

In the heat of summer, the north of France isn't a bad place to be. Mont St. Michel awaits your visit.

Interested in castles and walled cities? Don't miss Carcassonne, one of the larger cities in the Aude Departement of the Languedoc region, commonly known as "Cathar Country", where the religious sect known as the Cathars retreated to remote castles to avoid religious persecution. See our Aude Map to learn more.

The Best Regions

While almost every region of France is popular, here are some of my favorites, with detailed maps:

And there's also the French Riviera to consider.

You may wish to consult our France Regions Map to see how the regions are arranged.

French Island Travel

Fans of the rough and ready rural lifestyle might like taking a ferry out to Corsica, part of the same land mass as Sardinia (thus easy to get between the two by ferry). Like Sardinia, the traveler will want to get away from the coastal cities and beach resorts and head to the interior for the best festivals and cultural events. Corsica is best experienced in spring (wildflowers) and in fall.

Wine Travel in France

Wine regions in France offer fine cuisine and interesting landscapes. Check out the France Wine Regions Map, and consider spending some time in Burgundy or, in southern France, the famous Rhone Valley.

France Travel Maps

Besides the map you see above, we have the following maps available from our Maps of France Directory.

Paper Maps

Paris, France City Map and Travel Information

France in Pictures

Travel through virtual France via our France Travel Photo Gallery.

France Travel Essentials

Find information on trip planning, finding accommodations, rail and car rental and leasing information, weather, language, tipping and more in our France Travel Essentials article.

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