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Part 3: The Dachau Memorial Tour
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Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

The Nazi's first concentration camp at Dachau has been renovated and preserved as a memorial to those who suffered and died there between 1933 and 1945. There are several tours, although you can visit on your own as well. The memorial is well documented in English and you should have no trouble understanding what went on by simply going there yourself. However, a guided tour offers you insights you may not get by just wandering through the exhibits, and the transportation aspects of getting to Dachau from Munich are easier with a tour.

Dachau is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Monday. It takes around 45 minutes to get there from Munich. Allow 3 hours minimum.

Dachau Tour Options

The Original Munich Walks offers a three hour tour of Dachau starting at the train station. Cost is €21 for adults. All transportation costs are included.

Munich Walk Tours offers a similar three hour tour of Dachau that can be combined with its Third Reich Tour for a reduced price. This is the one we took. Cost is €17 for adults, €16 for people under 26, and €9 for children under 14 with an adult. There's a €2 discount if you combine the two tours. To sign up for the tour, meet at the main entrance of the New Gothic Rathaus (town hall) directly under the Glockenspiel on Marienplatz before 1:20pm. The guide will be holding a yellow sign. For more information on these tours, you may email info@munichwalktours.com.

To get to the Dachau Memorial on your own from the main train station, descend down to the S-Bahn platforms and board any train on the S2 line with a desitnation marked as Dachau or Petershausen. From Dachau station, Bus 726 or 724 will take you to the Memorial.

Photos of Dachau Memorial - Click to Enlarge
Dachau Entrance - photo Dachau bunks picture Photo of Ovens at Dachau Dachau entrance photograph
Dachau shower room with whipping block Dachau Hallway Picture Freedom Through Work Dachau photo Guard Tower at Dachau Memorial

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