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No-Jet-Lag, A User-Friendly Aid for Jet Lag Symptoms

No-Jet-Lag may be the answer to your jet lag symptoms

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Lots of us suffer jet lag symptoms including fatigue, disorientation, sleeplessness or sleepiness, dehydration and swelling of limbs. No-Jet-Lag is a safe, homeopathic product that seems to help many overcome jet lag symptoms. It worked for me. It has worked for others I've recommended it to. Some frequent-travel folks with whom I've spoken say it has not worked for them.

Jet Lag? What Jet Lag?

I am the world's most unlikely candidate for testing Jet Lag solutions. Why? Because my answer to jet lag is to live with it. I ignore all the well-intentioned suggestions of friends and experts. I drink too much wine on the plane and not enough water. I refuse the cockeyed idea of putting myself to bed early to "adjust" my internal time clock to European time. My solution is to plan a vacation long enough so the discomfort is a minor percentage of the whole deal. I don't need no stinking jet lag remedies!

Then along comes a package from the folks at the cleverly named No-Jet-Lag. Inside is a blister pack of chewable tablets with instructions to chew one at take off, then every two hours thereafter until you've reached your destination. They're homeopathic, meaning they're made of natural ingredients derived mostly from plants that have been used by clever cultures as medicinal preventatives or remedies for years. (When you read "homeopathic" you were thinking of that strange uncle in Cincinnati, weren't you?)

In any case, on my recent trip I decided to try them. I also gave some to my partner Martha.

Ok, so were we jet lagged or not?

I didn't sleep on the flight. I never sleep on airplanes. But then again, no-jet-lag isn't a sleeping pill (which, by the way, may be dangerous because you really want to move around the plane every so often--especially if you're in those uncomfortable steerage seats--to avoid blood clot problems).

But I felt great after arrival in London. So great, in fact, that I went out on a two hour walk with the camera and my notebook in tow. Then I ate some Indian food, took another short walk, and went to bed.

And it was ten o'clock in the evening, more or less normal bedtime! I awoke at 6. My clock had been magically reset!

I had never made it to ten o'clock before, and I've been going to Europe from the West Coast since 1977 or so. I was impressed.

Martha reported pretty much the same results.

So we tried them on the way back, except that we forgot to take the first pill upon take-off. Still, upon arrival in San Francisco we both felt far less disoriented than we normally do. We ate Chinese, had a bit of wine, listened to the Giants game and hit the sack at 9:15.

Ok, a little early, but still.

And we felt great the next day.

And then I remembered another thing. I had left my shoes on for the whole return trip! Now, that fact may not have as much impact upon you, the reader as it would have on the people around me in the plane, but it is an indication that no-jet-lag helped another of the symptoms of jet lag, the swelling of limbs. Usually, my feet, already monstrously large, swell uncomfortably on flights longer than a few hours. That's why I have to take off my shoes. But on the no-jet-lag flight I had no problem with swelling at all.

And now for the jet lag disclaimer

This wasn't a scientific test. There were no placebos. The test wasn't blind--I knew what I was taking and what the pills were for. The no-jet-lag folks provided the pills to me free.

But I liked what they did and I'd use them again.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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