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Naples Italy Transportation Options

How to Get Around Bella Napoli


Castel Nuovo, also called Maschio Angioino, castle in city center of Naples.
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Naples Picture: Egg Castle and Marina

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Naples - A Transportation Hub for Southern Italy

From Naples the tourist can visit a wealth of interesting destinations in southern Italy: The Amalfi coast, the Volcano of Vesuvius, and the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum are all close by.

Aeroporto Capodichino

Naples International Airport, called Aeroporto Capodichino, is located 5 miles north of Naples. Buses with stops at Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza Muncipio are frequent. Taxis are available outside the arrivals hall. See the link above for more detailed information.

Napoli Centrale: The Train Station

Naples Train Station is located in the Piazza Garibaldi, just east of the city center. It's really two stations in one: the upper section for the state run trains and the lower lever for the private Circumvesuviana line (now the Ente Autonomo Volturno) that will take you to Pompeii, Herculaneum (Ercolano), and Sorrento. You can also rent a car at Napoli Centrale, as well as get tourist information for the region.

Find out more about the Circumvesuviana, which takes you to all the major archaeological sites.

Local Buses

Local buses are a great way to get around the city. All buses stop at the Piazza Garibaldi at some point along their route. Get ANM bus information at the west end of the piazza. Bus tickets can be bought at a "tabacchi" or tobacco shop or at some newsstands. Buses tend to be crowded in Naples, sometimes it's best to see the city on foot.

Naples Funicular (tram) routes

Four funiculars travel up the hill of Vómero: Centrale, Chiaia, Mergellina and Montesanto.

The Metropolitana - Naples Metro

There are two underground lines operating in central Naples. The main line runs from Gianturco, just east of Stazione Centrale, all the way to Pozzuoli.

Tourist Buses

The Ente Autonomo Volturno lines have extensive bus service in Campania.

Most buses for Italian and some International destinations leave from Piazza Garibaldi in front of Stazione Centrale.

For tourists, the best way to see Naples and the surrounding area might be the Campania artecard.

Boats and Hydrofoils to Islands near Naples

Boats and hydrofoils leaving for Capri, Sorrento, Ischia, Procida and Forio from Molo Beverello are found at the waterfront in front of the Castel Nuovo. You can just walk up and buy tickets to the closer islands.

Naples: Notes on Transportation

Naples is a frantically hectic city. I like it that way, but you'll want to watch out for your personal belongings--even though the area around piazza Girabaldi and the Stazione Centrale has been cleaned up from its highly disreputable state in the past.

When you think of Naples perhaps the first mode of transport you think of is a moto, or vespa. Well, you probably can't rent one. That's because they're frequently the main targets of thieves, as well as being the main transportation of petty ones.

Taxis are problematic as well. Traffic in Naples can get snarled beyond belief, and the myriad charges tacked on can make the cost of a ride an incomprehensible extravagance. Still, some travelers report that a taxi ride, although expensive, can be a fun, uplifting experience if you get an engaging driver willing to show you the hot spots. Still, if you must use a taxi, make sure it's an authorized one. You can find them at stands in large piazzas.

About the Pictures

The Castel Nuovo, or New Castle of Naples was built in the latter part of the 13th century as a royal residence but fell to ruins. The castle was reconstructed in the mid-15th century by the House of Aragón. It's smack in the heart of Naples and houses administration offices and the Museo Civico di Castelnuovo.

The Egg Castle, Naples' oldest guards the harbor. It is now used for art exhibits and the like.

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