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Continental Europe Travel Planning Map

Start your travel planning with this interactive map of Western Europe

How to Use the European Travel Planning Map
Place your mouse cursor over a country with map and traveler essential coverage and it'll turn orange. Click it and you'll be whisked off to that country's map and essentials page, listing all the resources on this site for that country, including tourist destinations, pictures, rail maps, and information that tourists need to be informed: languages, eating out, tipping, weather, and transportation.

The red circle on the left represents a distance of 200 miles from the center to the circle's edge. The diameter of the circle represents 400 miles of course, and that's 643.6 kilometers. Position your mouse over the center of the circle (until it changes into a hand) and you can drag it over the map to get a closer approximation of distances. You'll need the flash plugin if you don't see the picture.

But perhaps more important than the distance between cities is how long it takes to get between them. This Interactive Rail Map of Europe allows you to plan your itinerary by selecting a destination and then choosing how long you are willing to travel for that day. Check it out!

Map of Europe © 2003 by James Martin, Licensed to About.

If you don't see the map and don't want to download the plugin, a non-interactive map of Europe with distances between major cities is available here.

A Map and Distance Calculator will show you the distances between select major capitals of Western Europe.

How Big is Europe Compared to the US?

Check out our interactive Europe vs. US Size Comparison Map, where you can position a US state over a European country to give you an idea of area.

List of Other Maps on Europe for Visitors:

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