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Distances Between Cities in Western Europe
Map showing distance in Miles and Kilometers between major cities and train times

The European Travel Planning Map - Distances Between Major Cities

Many people planning travel in Europe are confused by the distances between the major cities. I've prepared the map below to show the driving distances in miles, kilometers, and the rough train times you can expect to encounter when you travel between cities.

The top number in each box represents the distance in miles between the cities when taking the major roads. The second number represents the kilometric distance, and the red number indicates the number of hours a train may take between cities--if it's on schedule.

Europe Map Showing Travel Distances Between Cities
European Distances Map
Distance Map of Europe © 2003 by James Martin, licensed to About

Countries in yellow use the Euro (€), countries in green use local currency (see our European Currency Quick Guide for more).

The map intended to be used for general travel planning use only--you may find faster trains or take shorter routes than the average person.

To find driving distances between more major cities--see our European Distance Calculator and Map.

A Europe Travel Planner Interactive Map using Flash to provide you with distance information and clickable access to individual country maps is available.

For a larger Europe map as above, suitable for printing, click here.

A map of the rail routes is invaluable if you're planning a European rail adventure. Here is one that's easily available to purchase over the web: Europe: Major Rail Routes by Michael E. Brown (Compare Prices), found in our European Rail and Eurail Guides

Other maps of European countries and cities are available through our Map Resources.

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