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Munich Germany Travel Planner - Munich Walks

Part 2: Walking Tours of Munich, Hitler's Munich


Self Guided Walking Tours

Frommers outlines a walking tour of the Schwabing area, starting at Wedekindplatz and finishing at the Englischer Garten.

Guided Walking Tours of Munich

Mike's Bike Tours also does walking tours of Munich.

Munich Walk Tours offers a variety of Munich walks, including a City Walk Tour, Hitler's Munich Tour, Dachau Memorial Tour, and the Royal Castle Tour. See below for a review.

Hitler's Munich

The Third Reich Tour from Munich Walk Tours explores the places and events that lead to the rise of the Nazi movement from the first mass meetings at the Hofbräuhaus to the failed attempt to seize power at the Felderrnhalle. These days it's certainly pertinent to hear of the evolution of the Nazi state beginning with the burning of the Reichstag, the terrorist act that led to the suspension of constitutional guarantees of free speech, privacy, and habeas corpus, and later to the preemptive strikes against neighboring countries.

The tour features snippets of information you might not have known about the period, including details of Hitler's career as a post card artist--things that help you understand the man behind the funny moustache. There are also insights into nazi architecture, examples of the inflated money printed by the truckload in 1923 when inflation in Germany peaked at 130,000,000,000 marks to the dollar, and tours to cafes and tea room frequented by Hitler. This would be a great tour for kids, although there weren't any on our visit.

The tour is highly recommended.

Details of the Third Reich Tour

From May 14th to October 6th the tour is held daily at 10 am. To sign up for the tour meet at the main entrance of the New Gothic Rathaus (town hall) directly under the Glockenspiel on Marienplatz before 10 am. The guide will be holding a yellow sign. You simply show up and pay the guide € 9 or € 8 if you're under 26. Children under 14 are free with a paid adult.

The tour can be combined with the Dachau Memorial Tour in the afternoon for a discount of € 2. For more information on that tour, see the next page of this article.

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