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Carte Orange: Getting a Paris Transportation Pass

Travel Cheap with a Carte Orange


Note: The Carte Orange has been phased out, replaced by the purple Navigo pass. The Navigo Découverte is the Paris transportation pass pass that is now available to tourists and functions in much the same way as the Carte Orange. Read more: Navigo Transportation Passes - Paris Passe Navigo Découverte

What is a Carte Orange?

The "Orange Card" is a Paris transportation pass, valid for either one week or one month for the zones of coverage you can choose. Carte Orange, meant mostly for citizens of Paris, is generally a much better value than the transportation pass called the Paris Visite, meant for tourists.

Carte Orange quick facts

  • You can purchase a Carte Orange from an RAPT agent at any Metro or RER station in Paris.
  • Despite what you will might hear about the pass being available only to Parisiens, anyone can buy a Carte Orange.
  • The weekly pass (called a coupon hebdomadaire) is valid Monday to Sunday only. Be sure you can communicate the dates that you want, or that you'd like a Carte Orange for the next week starting Monday. Otherwise you may be sold a pass that is only valid for the rest of the week.
  • The monthly pass (called a coupon mensuel) is valid for the calender month.
  • You will need to specify the zones you wish to travel in. Zones one and two are central Paris, and quite likely the only two you'll be interested in for a pass. If you need to go outside those zones only once (to Versailles, for example) a separate ticket will be cheaper than extending your pass to those zones. (See the link to the zone map (pdf) below.
  • You will need a small, passport style photo to attach to the pass (about 1 1/8" in height). You can buy one at the metro station.
  • The Carte Orange passes are valid for unlimited rides on the RATP system.
  • Prices for a weekly zone 1-2 weekly Carte Orange in 2006 is € 16.

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