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Let's Go Western Europe - Book Review

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The Bottom Line

If you are traveling by train or other public transport and plan to visit mainly big cities in several western European countries, this is a great guide!
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  • Great train and bus travel information
  • Inexpensive lodging and food options
  • Covers 19 countries in one book


  • Lacks detailed information on smaller cities


  • Let's Go has a new look this year with a more portable size and color maps of major cities.
  • The western Europe rail planner near the front shows routes with times and approximate costs.
  • For most major places covered, public transportation options are given in detail, often with prices.
  • Don't be looking for out of the way destinations--get a country or regional guide for that.

Guide Review - Let's Go Western Europe - Book Review

Let's Go Guidebooks are typically aimed at the 18-35 year-old budget traveler and include lots of good budget travel information for lodging, food, transportation, and sightseeing. Essential information for each major city includes orientation, transportation, what to see, and a map. There are also interesting sidebars with cultural notes. The first chapter includes several suggested itineraries and other essential information and the next chapters discuss history and tourism alternatives like volunteering or working. If you're visiting major cities in several Western European countries, using public transport, and only want to carry one guidebook, this one gives you a good overview. It's also helpful for planning before your trip.
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