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Rome Travel Map and Essential Travel Resources

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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Travel facts, maps, and information for visiting Rome, Italy

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Rome is one of the world's most interesting cities. Rome's central historical area is quite compact, and easily walkable if you're in good shape. Don't try to drive it. Walking along the Tiber river is my "express lane" through the city. You can't go wrong and it's a flat walk.

The map of Rome below will show you the major tourist destinations. Zoom in or out and move the map around by using the buttons.

Map of Rome Showing Tourist Destinations

Interactive Map of Rome © 2014 by James Martin, licensed to About

This is a very simplified map of Rome that shows only the major tourist attractions and neighborhoods. For a map showing all the rione or central neighborhoods, see: Rome Neighborhood Guide.

Rome: Getting Around

Metro. The map shows the two metro lines. The red line is Metro A (linea A) and the blue is Metro B (linea B). They cross at Rome's central station, Termini. They run from 5:30am to 11:30pm. A ticket costs €1.50 and is good for a single metro ride or 75 minutes on the buses. Tickets for both the bus system and Metro can be purchased from a tabacchi (tobacco shop), or vending machines at metro stations and major bus stops.

A daily ticket (B.I.G.) is available for €4, (three days for €11) and a weekly ticket (C.I.S.) costs €16

Things to Do in Rome

Rome is known for its Roman Archaeological sites and its museums, especially the Vatican Museums. A short ride out of Rome on a single metro ticket gets you to Ostia Antica, a bargain for a huge Roman site next to an interesting village with a castle.

While there are many free things to do in Rome, the list is dwindling with the tanking of the world economy. You can save some money by purchasing Combination Tickets to many attractions before you go to Italy. Select Italy specializes in event and museum tickets, and is a convenient way to save time over standing in a ticket line while you're trying to enjoy the sites. See: Museum Tickets in Rome (Buy Direct).

Rome is a great walking city. Wandering around the the center city is in itself a major wonder. When you get tired (or hot in the summer), you can see the buried city under Rome.

If it's summer and Rome is sweltering, do what the Romans do and head for the Castelli Romani in the Alban hills. A short train ride out of Rome gets you to an area of volcanic lakes with cool summer breezes and nice nighttime temperatures. Even the Pope summers here.

Getting to Rome

The best way is to get to Rome from other nearby destinations is to take the train to Termini Station. For instructions, see our Airport to Central Rome Transportation article. For other Rome transportation options, see our Rome Transportation Directory.

Rome: Getting There From Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport is the airport used by most budget carriers, located south of Rome

Rome: Getting There From Rome's Port, Civitavecchia

Chances are, your cruise ship or ferry with a destination of Rome (Roma) docks at the Port of Civitavecchia, the modern port of Rome located west of the Eternal City: Civitavecchia to Rome Transportation.

When to Go

See the average low and high temperatures and expected rain charts as well as current weather conditions: Rome Italy Weather.

Rome: Travel Information on Europe Travel

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Rome Hotels - Recommended lodging in Rome, listed by location. You can find some bargains in hotels and apartments here.

Rome Hotel and Lodging Guides - Links to information on finding a bed in Rome.

Rome Restaurants - Information on eating out in Rome.

The Vatican - Information on Vatican City, how to reserve places on tours, get papal audiences, the dress code, facts about St. Peter's tomb and Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Need more? Visit our Rome Directory for other information on Rome, Italy.

Where to Stay

Many folks like to stay in Trastevere, which is across the Tiber from Rome's main attractions. Staying in central Rome can be noisy but convenient. For those who wish to stay in Rome for an extended period, an apartment is ideal, and might save money, especially for families. HomeAway lists over 2000 vacation properties for Rome and Lazio (Rome's region, and well worth exploring on its own): Rome & Lazio Vacation Rentals, Italy (book direct).

For short terms stays in a hotel, Venere lists over 1500 user-rated hotels in Rome (book direct).

Neighborhoods in Rome

Some of the more interesting Roman neighborhoods are shown on the map.

Trastevere - Once a working class neighborhood in a corner of Rome and pretty much Rome's Left Bank, the shops and artist's haunts are giving way to pizzerias and restaurants. There is still a vibrant night life that attracts visitors, however.

The Jewish Ghetto - a maze of narrow alleyways makes this part of Rome easy to get lost in. While you'll find kosher restaurants and bakeries throughout Rome these days, this is still the place to come to see where it all started.

Testaccio - A neighborhood built around a huge hill consisting of ancient broken amphorae. Once a quiet, working class neighborhood of shops dug out of the amphora hill, the shops are giving way to hot clubs for upwardly mobile youth. The remnants of the old ways of life are still around, so visit it while you can. The cuisine is still heavy on organ meats, just like the "old days."

Via Veneto - Ah, La Dolce Vita! Pricey bars, embassies, and shopping for luxury goods are what you'll find here, along with the tackiness that's creeping in as the beautiful people find better things to do.

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