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Getting to Rome from Fiumicino Airport

Taking the train from Rome's Airport to Termini Station is Easy!


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Rome's Airport, sometimes known as Leonardo da Vinci Airport, is still referred to by its old name - Fiumicino, after the city it's near. If you have a car and you're wondering about staying in the town of Fiumicino, it's a decent place to spend your last afternoon and gorge yourself on fresh seafood for your last meal if you're so inclined.

Fiumicino Facts

Terminal A is for domestic flights, Terminal B is a mix of domestic and international, and Terminal C is where you'll find major international flights.

The airport code is FCO. It's 26 km from Rome (16 miles).

The train to Rome's Central Station (Roma Termini) runs frequently between 6:37 am and 10:52 pm and takes 31 minutes. Click for Schedule and return information.

How to get to Central Rome (Termini Station)

After you've picked up your luggage, follow the signs to Stazione FS/Railway Station. You'll have to go up 2 floors to find it.

Buy a ticket "Per Termini" at the FS ticket counter or from one of the machines in the station. A ticket costs 11 Euros. You must validate your ticked by inserting it in the validation machine before you enter the train.

Upon returning to the airport from Termini, you'll find the train on track 24. You can buy a ticket at the Alitalia office at track 22 or from other places and machines in the station.

In Case You're Thinking about a Taxi

Taxis cost about 40 Euros in the day and more at night.

Rome Travel from Italy for Visitors

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