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Scandinavia Map and Travel Resources

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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Scandinavia: Get the Lay of the Land

Use the map of Scandinavia below to see the major tourist cities of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Scandinavia Map
Map of Scandinavia ©Mountain High Maps®, modified by James Martin

Scandinavia Maps of Individual Scandinavian Countries and Itineraries

Sweden Map and Travel Essentials

Finland Taiga Forest Map - For the wildlife enthusiast!

Denmark Map

Legoland Billund Location Map

Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary Map - Hit the best cities, see the fjords, and ride on one of Europe's most scenic train lines.

Iceland Map and Travel Essentials

Scandinavia Travel Guides

Scandinavia Travel Information

Finland Travel Information

Iceland Travel Information

Norway Travel Information

Sweden Travel Information

Greenland Travel Information

Lapland Travel Information

Denmark Travel Information

Denmark Map

Copenhagen Denmark Travel Essentials

Frederiksborg Castle Pictures - Hillerød - Take a virtual visit inside the Frederiksborg Castle located 25 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Christiania - Copenhagen Denmark Links - Find out about the social experiment with self-government and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting. Christiania was started in an abandoned army baracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1971.

Scandinavia Skiing Resources

Scandinavian Tours

Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary

Take a look at our Scandinavia Suggested Itinerary Map for ideas on planning your Scandinavian vacation.

Weather and Climate in Scandinavia

The southern Scandinavia area might surprise you with its summer warmth, the climate is extremely mild, although it can be wet in some areas. For historic climate charts, see Scandinavia Travel Weather. For a general discussion of climate, see Weather in Scandinavia

Scandinavian Rail Passes

Several varieties of Scandinavian Rail Passes, called Scanrail passes, are available in different durations and for different age groups. Since train travel in Scandinavia tends to be expensive, a Scanrail pass represents a good value for those who plan their trips well. To get the best value, you should only use your pass days for long distance travel, that's where the planning comes in.

The Scanrail Pass offers travel in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. There are also two special discounted versions of the Scanrail Pass; one for those 12 to under 26 years of age (Scanrail Youth Pass) and one for those 60 years of age and over (Scanrail Senior Pass).

Scanrail Pass (Buy Direct or Get Information)

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