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Pamplona Spain and the Running of the Bulls

The Fiesta of San Fermin, made popular by Hemingway, runs in July


pamplona spain map

Map of Spain showing Pamplona.

James Martin

Where: Pamplona, Spain

Province: Pamplona is the Capital of the Province of Navarra.

When: The Fiesta of San Fermin runs from July 7-14.

Fiesta of San Fermin Quick Guide

  • The bulls run every morning a 8 am from July 7-14. They don't run on the first day of the festival
  • Saint Fermin is the saint of bakers, wine, and wineskins. He's definitely my friend and worth celebrating.
  • You can't run if you're drunk or under 18
  • The best resource guide to the running of the bulls, including traditions, tips, and a rundown of the course, is found at About Spain for Visitors Pamplona Bull Run - San Fermin Festival

    Hotels in Pamplona

    Hotels are expensive during the festival. Margot Classe recommends Hotel Perla. Here is a list of other hotel options.

    If you can't find a place, remember that there are other similar festivals nearby Pamplona.

    Getting to Pamplona

    You can get there easily with a car, or slower and less conveniently by bus or train. There's an airport 7 km away at Noain, but it's small and not an international airport. See Fodors for details on transportation in the region.

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