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Spain Pictures - Cities and Landscape Pictures of Spain

Plan your Spain travel by viewing pictures


guadix spain picture

Spain Pictures: Cave House in Guadix, Spain, near Granada.

James Martin
Many People like to plan their travel around interesting cities they see in pictures. Here are pictures and travel information you can use to plan your trip. All pictures of Spain are © 2004 by James Martin unless otherwise noted.

Spain Picture Galleries on Europe for Visitors

Asturias and the Picos de Europa (20 pictures)
Great rural landscapes from the cool northern region. See our Asturias and Cantabria Travel Planner for more.

Barcelona (19 pictures)
See some of Gaudi's best work, stop in at the Market for lunch, find a quiet place to chill out in the cathedral's cloister, and see some architectural gems. For Barcelona Travel Essentials, see our Barcelona Profile.

Madrid--from Flamenco to Bullfighting to Flea Markets (12 pictures)
A picture series from Ferne Arfin's review of the Hotel Reina Victoria.

Merida (5 pictures)
Merida is situated between Lisbon and Madrid, and was once one of the most important towns in Roman Spain. The pictures are part of our Merida Spain Visitors Guide.

Salamanca (15 Pictures)
Salamanca is one of my favorite cities, featuring a great and lively Plaza Mayor and an old and attractive university founded in 1218 by Alfonso IX of León. For Salamanca Traveler Essentials, see our Salamanca Profile.

Semana Santa in Merida (5 pictures)
If you go during Easter Week, you'll see plenty of colorful parades and festivals like this one. The head covering is called an antifaz (the piece of cloth covering the faces of nazarenos and penitents) and it's held together by the capirote (a cardboard cone inside the antifaz, keeping it upright on the head.

Segovia (6 pictures)
The Aqueduct, Alcazar and views of the scenic city of Segovia. For more information, go to the Segovia Travel Planner or the Segovia Links page.

Granada and the Alhambra (13 Pictures)
Black and white gallery. First a picture of Granada rooftops, followed by 12 pictures of the Alhambra.

Tarragona (6 pictures)
A fine city on the Costa Dorada that doesn't mind displaying its ancient Roman roots, Tarragona features fine cuisine, numerous beaches, lots of archaeology, and a tradition of forming human pyramids called castells--some of them up to five stories high. For visitor information, see our Tarragona Profile and Travel Essentials.

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