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Clip Security Wallet

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The Bottom Line

The most important thing to have when traveling is a secure place to carry money, passports, and other important documents. This security wallet is easy to wear and keeps important items safe.


  • Clips onto waistband to be worn under clothing
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • leather protects contents from moisture


  • feels bulky since leather is not very flexible


  • Made of soft supple leather for durability.
  • 3 zipper compartments let you carry passports, currency, credit cards, and other documents safely.
  • The unique clip-on style is easy to use and can be used with any clothing with a waistband.

Guide Review - Clip Security Wallet

I always use a security wallet when traveling. In the past I have used cloth wallets with an adjustable string to be worn around the waist or neck. While the cloth is somewhat more comfortable and less bulky than the leather, it can become wet in rain or from perspiration. The string can also be uncomfortable. The unique clip-on styling of this wallet makes it easy to wear and to access when you need to get something out of it.

(Important Note: It Appears that the company that manufactured the item reviewed above has gone out of business. If you are looking for security pouches and belts, we suggest: Coporate Travel Safety.

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