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Medieval Torture Museums - Europe
Guide picks
European museums devoted to Medieval criminology, law, and torture instruments and techniques.

Weird Europe
We start with airplane food and where to find spicy food in places not known for it, move on to ghost tours and medieval torture museums, and end up with sewer tours. There's something for everyone here, dead or alive.

Ghent: The Gravensteen - Belgium
Restored castle that features a "very instructive (?) collection of medieval torture instruments."

Medieval Crime Museum - Rothenburg Germany
2000 square meters shows a thousand years of legal history and the development of jurisprudence to the 19th century. "Exhibits include instruments of torture, items used in the execution of sentences, costly books, graphic arts, documents of emperors, princes, the nobility and towns."

Medieval Dungeons - Nuremberg Germany
Information on the 14th century torture chamber below city hall.

Museum Gevangenpoort - The Hague - Netherlands
The Prison Gate Museum Was Hague's prison before being transformed into a museum. Evidently it didn't take much transforming.

Museum of Medieval Criminology - San Gimignano Italy
"Historical material illustrating torture in the course of ages and the deeds of the Inquisition. It includes a collection of torture instruments, both originals and reproductions, from the 17th century until today, Medieval costumes, prints and documents."

Museum of Torture in Český Krumlov - Czech Republic
Ok, the pictures of the Torture Museum look pretty cheesy on the website, but the site itself is pretty information about this interesting Czech city.

Restraints Museum - Linz Germany
Small site about the Museum Burg Linz and its medieval torture instruments

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