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European Distance Calculator - Driving Distances between Major Cities in Western Europe

Need to drive between major cities in Europe? Select a starting city and a destination city and our Europe Distance Calculator will calculate the approximate distance between the two European cities.

Starting City:
Destination City:
Distance (kilometres):
Distance (Miles):

europe distances map european train times
Western Europe Map © 2006 by James Martin, licensed to About

Why Use the Calculator?

First time travelers to Europe tend to think of the continent as smaller than it really is, prompting many to write me to inquire if they can do a day trip to Lyon from Paris--or from Rome to Venice. Despite fast speeds on Europe's roads (and high-speed trains), you'll not want to spend all your time getting to a destination, especially if you have to return that day. There are enough compelling stops along the road or rail line in Europe to occupy a traveler who limits driving to four hours at most per day.

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The Europe distance calculator is provided courtesy of Stephen Chapman, About guide to JavaScript.

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