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Umbria Map and Travel Essentials

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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Find essential travel facts, maps, and information for visiting Umbria - Italy's Green Heart

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Umbria has been called "Italy's Green Heart." It is green, mainly agricultural, and more sparsely populated than its western neighbor, Tuscany. Umbria has no access to the Mediterranean, but holds one of the largest lakes of Italy which has had a great deal to do with ancient history. The shores of Lake Trasimeno in eastern Umbria were the site of the Battle of Lake Trasimeno in 217 BC, where Hannibal crushed the Romans who had intended to ambush him on his way back to Rome.

So, Umbria is for the laid back traveler, one who would perhaps like to sip the uniquely Umbrian wine called Sagrantino in one of the many Umbria Wineries. There are plenty of interesting towns to discover; the regional capital Perugia is one of my favorites, although others may prefer Saint Francis's town of Asissi--or the Etruscan city of Orvieto. Below our map of the more interesting cities of Umbria, we present our favorite places to go in Umbria.

Umbria - Map Showing Umbria's Best Cities to Visit
Umbria Travel Map
Map of Umbria © 2005 by James Martin, licensed to About

Umbria: Travel Resources

Umbria Travel Resources - Information on Umbria, Umbrian cities to visit, Umbria events and festivals, and lodging in Umbria.

Umbria Top Cities

Perugia - Regional Capital of Umbria and often overlooked by tourists, but one of my favorite cities. I studied Italian here and you can, too. See Perugia Pictures.

Assisi - A place where you can get off the train and Walk in the Footsteps of St Francis. See Assisi Pictures.

Orvieto - An Etruscan city, the one with the glittering Duomo in the center of town, and famous for the white wine that bears its name. An easy visit from Rome, see How to Get from Rome to Orvieto. Also see Pictures of Orvieto.

Spoleto - famous for its summer music festival, Festival dei Due Mondi, with interesting Roman, medieval, and modern sights.

Todi - yet another picturesque medieval hill town in Umbria, surrounded by medieval, Roman and Etruscan walls. Although it's a hill town, its center at the top of the hill is flat, so the walkin' is easy. See: Todi Pictures.

Find out more in Italy Travel's Where to Go in Umbria, Italy.

Umbria for the Quiet: Where to Stay

There's a lot of quiet in Umbria; Umbria, as we mentioned at the top, is far less densely populated than adjoining Tuscany. If you're looking for a romantic retreat in the Umbria countryside, an interesting option is to stay at a restored Monastic outpost in Umbria called La Preghiera. You can plan to get married there, too, if that appeals to you.

Another place to consider is Fontanaro, a collection of houses forming a sort of "agriturismo diffuso" where you can learn about Umbrian cooking, wine, making organic olive oil, or you can spend you time lounging around.

Other lodging options are found at HomeAway: Umbria Vacation Rentals.

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Recommended Guidebook: Touring Club of Italy Umbria (compare prices) A guidebook from the source, the Touring Club of Italy. Features 10 walking and driving tours of Umbria with maps, covering the tourist high points and museums of Perugia, Todi, Foligno, and Montefalco, modern art galleries in Citta di Castello, and specialized museums in Torgiano and Deruta. Also covers the famous wines and wine regions around Orvieta, Torgiano, and Montefalco.

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