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Odd, Unusual and Downright Weird Travel Sites
Part 2: Ghosts, Gobblins, and Henchmen Galore: Eerie Tours and Torture Museums

The Ghosts of Ancient Ruins beckon to tortured souls to come lay upon the pagan altars. Are you sure you want to visit?

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Ghost Tours

Ghost Walks

It's a funny thing; if you want to get yourself a good helping of ghostly fun on a tour group or walk, it seems you'll just have to go to the UK. Scotland and England seem to have a plethora of ghost walks, ghost tours, macabre goings-on, and hauntings--all timed to your tourist visit.

For a list of what's available in the Way of Ghostly tours in the UK, see our Ghost Tour links.

There have been known to be some weirdness in Greece as well, see deTraci Regula's recommendations in Weird Greece - Ghosts, Vampires, UFOs.

But if you'd just like to read a story of what might go on in some of your run-of-the-mill haunted bed and breakfasts, Elizateth Arneson over at the Bed & Breakfast site has a ton of links to these things.

Oddness in Rome

Rome has a couple of museums you may be interested if you have leanings toward the macabre. They are the Museo del Purgatorio and the Museo Criminologico de Roma and are described by Michael Brouse in Italy Online.

Medieval Torture Museums

Unlike ghosts, torture seems a phenomenon that has spread itself over mainland Europe. We've found web presences for many museums you can visit, as you make your way around Western Europe. See our Torture Museum Links for more.

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