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Accessible Travel
Travel tips and services for individuals with disabilities - hotels, restaurants, and transportation options.

Electricity in Europe
Using your appliances in Europe can require a plug adapter and a voltage converter. Here are resources to allow you to find what equipment you'll need if you're traveling from North America to Europe and wish to use your shaver, computer, or hair drier.

European Festivals
Experienced European travelers look for festivals to attend while they're there. From Film and music festivals to ancient carnivals and rites, you can experience Europe like the Europeans by attending these events.

Gay and Lesbian European Travel
Travel information specifically targeted toward the Gay or Lesbian tourist.

European Accommodations and Lodging
You need a place to stay for that European Vacation. You'll find hotels, inns, apartments, houses, hostels, and unusual accomodations here.

European Maps
Maps of Europe and individual European countries of interest to tourists planning a European vacation.

European Currency
All you need to know about the Euro, currency rates, banking information, VAT taxes and their recovery, and how to exchange money in Europe.

Packing and Passports - Visas
What to pack and how to pack your luggage, plus the most important thing to pack: your passport. Passport information for citizens of the United States wishing to travel abroad. Also, expediting services for those who need a passport in a hurry.

European Travel Photography
Galleries, tips for taking good travel pics of Europe, snapshots, and postcards.

Schools for Travelers
A good way to experience life in other contries is to enroll in a short class made specifically for tourists like cooking, art, photography, archaeology, and language.

European Sexuality Resources
Sex and Sexuality resources including legal issues, sex museums, guides to adult entertainment and other issues that pertain to sexuality in Western Europe.

Staying Connected - Cell Phones Internet
Staying connected in Europe: Cell Phone purchase and rental, making telephone calls, internet cafes, dealing with electricity and telephone connections.

European Tours
Take the easy way out--see Europe with a group and leave the planning and reserving to someone else.

European Transportation
Find international European transportation options here including busses, ferries, car rental and leasing, and trains. For inter-country options, please go to the corresponding country page.

Volunteering in Europe
You can have a meaninful European vacation by volunteering your labor on anything from an archaeological excavation to rebuilding a cathederal.

Austria - Travel & Tourist Information
General travel information of value to the tourist visiting Austria.

Belgium - General Information
General information for visitors to Belgium.

France Travel Information
General Tourist information for travel to France and Corsica. Restaurants, hotels, tours, cultural events, maps,and statistical information on the people of France.

Germany - General Tourist Information
General information of value to tourists visiting Germany.

Greece - General Tourism Information
General information for tourists visiting Greece.

Holland - The Netherlands - Travel Info
General information for travelers to the Netherlands.

Ireland - Information for Travelers
General information for visitors to Ireland: maps of Ireland, transportation resources, lodging, and general travel information for Ireland

Italy - Travel Information for Tourists
General tourist travel information for tourists visiting Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia. Find Italy maps, Italy pictures, hotels, festival and sagra information.

Luxembourg - General Tourist Info
Luxembourg is probably less visited than it should be. This page contains links to sites of interest to the traveler to Luxembourg.

Malta - Information for Visitors
Tourist resources for visiting Malta.

Portugal - Travel Information
Information for tourists visiting Portugal.

Scandinavia - Travel Resources
The best sources of travel information for Scandinavia and Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

Spain - Travel and Tourism Information
Travel and tourist information for visitors to Spain.

Switzerland - Travel and Tourism Info
General tourism information for Switzerland.

United Kingdom - Travel Resources
Travel resources for visitors to the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Europe Travel Basics - Europe 101
European Travel Basics: The basic things you'll need to know about traveling to Europe, including what documentation you'll need before you go, planning maps, and tips for a successful travel experience in Western Europe

Andorra - Tourism Links
Andorra is a tiny country on the mountainous border between France and Spain.

Buying Property in Europe
Help with buying property in Europe. European real estate agents, property finders, relocation help, and information for English speakers wanting to buy real estate in Europe.

Canadian Travelers to Europe Resources
Sites devoted to travel information for the Canadian traveler to Europe.

Turkey Travel and Tourism Information
Information for tourists visiting Turkey: Hotels, tours, maps, and cultural events for Turkey.

Europe - Climate - When to Go
Everyone knows about the July and August turist season, but these resources tell you the best times to visit and what you'll see. Great for planning off-season travel.

Foreign Language Help for the Traveler
Sites and pages devoted to helping you learn just enough of a foreign language to get by when you travel in Europe.

Health Issues for the Traveler to Europe
Health and wellness issues specific to overseas travel to Europe. Health Insurance, health warnings, and information on dealing with health issues specific to Europe.

Top Picks for Europe Books & Travel Gear
Reviews of the best travel gear, luggage, places, and hot tips for the European traveler.

Books and Magazines on European Travel
Books, guides, guidebooks and magazines about travel in Europe.

Shopping in Europe
Things you need to know about shopping in Europe--from buying foods in your local market (don't touch the vegetables!) to clothing size conversions.

Basque Country - Le Pays Basque
Tourist information for Basque Country - 20,664 square kilometres at the western end of the Pyrenees on the Bay of Biscay. Le Pays Basque consists of seven herrialdes, or districts found in Northeastern Spain and Southwestern France.

Benelux - Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg
Sites featuring tourist information on the Benelux countries as a group: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburgh. Also see the individual countries for general tourist information.

Christiania - Copenhagen Denmark
Christiania is a social experiment with self-government and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting. Christiania was started in an abandoned army baracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1971. The current government is not particularly sympathetic with the aims and achievements of Christiania, since soft drugs have been part of the experience.

Kayak Europe - Kayak Tours & Information
Information on the sport of Kayaking in Europe. Rent kayaks, kayak tours, sea kayaking.

Liechtenstein Tourism Links
Liechtenstein is situated in the center of Europe between Austria and Switzerland. It is one of the smallest countries in the World, but offers great skiing at Malbun.

Self Catering Vacations in Europe
Self Catering vacations are becoming more popular. Links to sites catering to vacation home renters in Europe.

Traveling With Your Pet
Planning to take your dog or cat (or other pet) to Europe with you? Here are some resources that may help you plan for traveling with a pet.

Christmas Markets in Europe
Here are links to Christmas markets and Christmas Traditions in Europe--mostly Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Europe Travel Blogs - European Blogs
Day by day descriptions of travel are possible through blog (web log) software that allows European travelers to write of their experiences almost as they happen from anywhere they are in Europe. Here are some of the best European travel blogs and travel blog lists.

Jewish Travel - Kosher Facilities
Links to travel resources specializing in Jewish travel and tours, and hotels and restaurants offering kosher facilities.

Rome Italy Hotels and Lodging Guides
Meta sites and online guides offering lodging options for the visitor to Rome.

Rome - Travel Information for Rome Italy
General information for tourists visiting Rome, Italy. Find tours, impressions, cultural attractions, markets, food and restaurants, and other travel oriented material for travelers to Rome.

Open Air Markets - Street Markets
Local open air markets are difficult to locate on the web so this is an incomplete list of the markets you'll find in most European cities.

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