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Airport Maps | European International Airports

Airport maps and travel information for major international airports in Europe. See the airports on an interactive map and get information on ticketing and airport hotels.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Map
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest and most efficient airports in Europe. Find information on Schiphol Airport location, hotels and how to get to Amsterdam from the airport.

Ataturk International Airport Map | Istanbul Airport
A Location map of Istanbul airport, Ataturk international airport that serves Istanbul, Turkey.

Florence Airport Map | Peretola Italy
Florence Peretola Airport (FLR) is located about 4 kilometers northeast of the center of Florence, Italy. The airport is known by many names, including Florence Peretola Airport or Auroporto Amerigo Vespucci or simply Perotola. Getting into the airport in a car can be tricky, so study the map carefully before you go.

Girona Barcelona Airport Location Map
Yes, Ryanair calls it "Girona Barcelona" but Girona airport is nearly 100 km away from Barcelona, as you will see on the map. We have some suggestions about actually spending a day or two in Girona, a medieval walled city worth seeing, or getting right to Barcelona from the airport.

Helsinki Airport Map
Helsinki Airport, also known as Helsinki Vantaa Airport, is the gateway into Finland. Find information on getting to Vantaa airport and where to stay near the airport.

London Heathrow Airport Map
London Heathrow Airport is a busy airport hosting around 90 airlines and carrying almost 70 million passengers a year. There are five terminals at Heathrow, which you can see on the interactive map. How to get to Heathrow airport and information on airport hotels near Heathrow.

Munich Airport Map
Map of Munich Airport, 28 km (17 mi) northeast of Munich. It is Germany's second most busy airport after Frankfurt. How to get to the airport and Munich, ticket booking to Munich, and information on airport hotels.

Munich Airport Map | Munich Germany
Map of Zurich including the Zurich Airport and airport information including hotels and restaurants.

Naples Airport Map
Map of Naples Airport, sometimes called Naples International Airport Capodichin. Information on how to get to Naples from the airport as well as booking flights to Naples.

Zurich Airport Map | Zurich Switzerland
Map of Zurich including the Zurich Airport and airport information including hotels and restaurants.

Marseille Provence Airport Map and Guide | Europe travel
How to get to Marseille from Marseille Provence Airport, where to stay, and what to do with a day at the Marseille airport.

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