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Monsaraz Pictures - Photo Gallery of Monsaraz in Portugal's Alentejo Region

Monsaraz is a fortified city protecting Portugal's border with Spain


Monsaraz is a walled village in the eastern Alentejo near Evora, on a hill fortified by the Knights Templar--the position ideal to protect Portugal from invaders from Spain. From inside the walls of Monsaraz you can see all across the Alentejo plain, across the Alqueva lakes and the River Guadiana into Spain. The whitewashed Monsaraz is certainly deserving of its title, "jewel in the crown" of the Alentejo region.

Monsaraz offers a delightful medieval atmosphere in a small, tidy village entered through a towered village gate. On the other end of the village is the castle, the interior now used for the occasional Portuguese bullfight or soccer game. Local crafts are availalble to buy in the village.

Enjoy our pictures of Monsaraz. Click each one to see it larger and get more information on this interesting village in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

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monsaraz picture, street scenePicture of a Monsaraz street scene, with houses and bell towermonsaraz picture, street, castle towerMonsaraz is a walled, fortified town in Portugal's border with Spainmonsaraz picture, doorwayPicture of an Unusual Monsaraz doorwaymonsaraz picture, parish churchMonsaraz Picture: The Parish Church in Monsaraz
monsaraz pictures, viewPicture of houses outside the city gate of Monsaraz.monsaraz picture, castle, viewPicture of the View of Monsaraz from the Castlemonsaraz picture, porta da vila, city gateMonsaraz Picture: View of the city gate, Porta da Vilamonsaraz picture, porta da vila, city gateMonsaraz Picture: View of the Porta da Vila and Countryside
monsaraz pictures, bell tower, city gateA bell Tower in the City Gate Under Crisp October Skies
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