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Interactive Andalusia Map

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.
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Plan a visit to Spain's southernmost region with our Map of Andalusia

Spain Map > Spain Region Map > Interactive Map of Andalusia

Andalusia's relatively mild winter and spring climate attracts lots of visitors from colder climates, and is a good place to start your vacation from if you arrive in Europe in Early spring. It's dry and hot in the summer; you may wish to examine the historic climate charts for Seville if you're planning a vacation in the region.

Andalusia is the region that most people think of when the think of Spain. Granada, Cordoba and Seville are the cities making up its "golden triangle," but there are other, smaller places within Andalusia to discover.

Our map is interactive, click the place names to be taken to a page of information on that particular place in Andalusia.

Interactive Andalusia Map

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Andalusia Cities

Andalusia is very compact, considering the number of tourist destinations it contains. A vacation here doesn't mean long train trips or lots of driving. Remember that it's hot in the summer. You'll want to do everything late at night when the temperature rises, but then in Spain you can.

First the big three:

Seville - The best place to witness Samana Santa, get lost in the Barrio Santa Cruz, have some tapas and watch a flamenco show.

Cordoba - The least visited of the Andalusia big three--don't miss the old mosque, the Mezquita de Cordoba, today a World Heritage site.

Granada - Visit the Moorish palace-citadel The Alhambra and fly with the flamenco. See Pictures of Granada.

The coastal cities:

Cadiz - Check out the big Carnival in February. Go for two or three days, unless the beach mesmerizes you.

Gibraltar - Worth a day for a visit with our ancestors, but just. Bring your Pounds Sterling, it's British.

Malaga - Hang with the jet set on the Costa del Sol.

Motril - Stay in a cute place on the beach while visiting the likes of Alpujarras, a string of mountain villages worth visiting.

Jerez - Like Sherry? Go here.

Ronda - Bullfights, a deep ravine, and an Islamic old town awaits your visit.

Andalusia Suggested Itinerary

Damian Corrigan has outlined a Suggested Itinerary for Andalusia that includes Seville, Cadiz, Ronda, Malaga, Granada and Cordoba.

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