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Bergen Pictures - Photo Gallery of Bergen, Norway

Enjoy the pictures of World Heritage Site Bergen, Norway


Bergen, Norway's second largest city, is the gateway to the beautiful fjords of Norway's west coast. It has fine restaurants, great museums, and even getting there is a treat--the rail journey from Oslo to Bergen is considered one of the most scenic in the world, not to mention one of the most comfortable.

These pictures from the Bergen tourist bureau capture the flavor of one of my favorite European destinations--and the only one in which I've eaten whale meat.

Enjoy the Bergen pictures. Click on each to see it larger. There is more travel information on Bergen linked below the pictures.

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Panorama view of Bergen, bergen pictureBergen Picture: Panorama view of Bergenbergen picture, bergen harbour, bergen harbor pictureBergen Pictures: Bergen Harbor at Sunsetbergen harbour picture, bergen harbor pictureBergen Picture: Bergen harbour and the Hanseatic Wharf in a beautiful lightBergen Floibanen picture, funicular, mount floien pictureBergen Picture: Fløibanen, the Funicular to Mount Fløien, view of Bergen.
Lysøen, ole bull, pictureLysøen, picture of the violin-virtuoso Ole Bull's villaSt. Mary's Church, bergen pictureBergen Picture: St. Mary's Church, the oldest building in Bergen still in usebergen picture, city view, Skivebakken pictureBergen Picture: view to the city centre from Skivebakkenbergen houses pictureBergen Picture: Knøsesmauet - typical narrow street of small wooden houses
Zachariasbryggen, bergen, pictureBergen Picture:Zachariasbryggen outdoor restaurant by the harbour in the evening
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