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Bologna, Italy Pictures - It's all about the People in Bologna


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Bologna, the Piazza Maggiore and the Neptune Fountain
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Bologna, Italy: Piazza Maggiore

James Martin
Bologna is a town of 400,000 people in the Po river valley in Emilia -Romagna. Known for its cuisine, its porticoed streets, and for hosting one of the oldest Universities in Europe, Bologna is a great tourist destination--especially if you like people and food.

In Bologna, everything starts in the central Piazza Maggiore. Here you'll find the 13th century Palazzo del Podesta (inside is tourist info), the Church of San Petronio, and Neptunes Fountain (Fontana di Nettuno), designed by Tommaso Laureti in 1566 with some pretty erotic bronze figures by Giambologna gushing water for the masses.

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