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Brittany Map and Travel Information

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Explore the Brittany region of France with our map and travel information

As you can see on the map, Brittany is an east-west trending penninsula in the northwest of France. The English Channel borders on its north, and the Bay of Biscay lies to the south.

brittany map, map of brittany, Bretagne france, brittany region
Map of Brittany (Bretagne), France © James Martin, Licensed to About.com

What's on the Map?

The thick, dashed lines represent the rail lines capable of carrying the fast trains, in this case the TGV trains. The TGV trains from Paris Montparnasse to the Rennes TGV station (it's different than the regular Rennes station) take just over two hours.

Rennes makes a good base to explore eastern Brittany and Mont St. Michel. Rennes is about 55 km south of Mont St. Michel. The Keolis bus makes the 75-minute transfer to Mont-St-Michel several times a day. The Rennes to Brest TGV takes about 2 and a quarter hours.

You may be confused by the addition of Nantes and its province to the Brittany Map. Nantes at one time was the capital of the historic duchy of Brittany, but is not included in the region of Bretagne. Today Nantes is part of the Loire-Atlantique, which has been lumped in with the Pays-de-la-Loire. In any case, it matters little to the tourist, so we've included it on our map here, which represents historic Brittany. (See our France Regions Map to see all the French regions.)

Brittany Destination Resources

Mont St. Michel Map and Guide

Nantes Travel Guide

Kelby Carr of France Travel recommends the following cities to visit in Brittany, France Region Guide:

  • Rennes
  • Fougeres
  • Saint-Malo
  • Saint-Brieuc
  • Dinan
  • Quimper
  • Brest

Rennes as a Base

If you stay in Rennes, it's an easy train ride to the quaint, walled seaside town of St. Malo, where you can even take a boat across to Dinan. As mentioned above, you can also get to Mont. St. Michel quite easily by bus. Enjoy dinner at Le Galopin in Rennes.

Resources: User Rated Hotels in Rennes (book direct)

Brittany Weather and Historic Climate - Rennes

Rennes is inland, so it there's not as much chill in the summer air as there might be on the coast. Spring and fall offer some nice opportunities if you don't mind a little rain once in a while. For more, see Rennes and Brittany Travel Weather and Climate.


I enjoyed a stay in Nantes; it's one of France's most desirable cities to live in. See our Nantes Travel Guide for more.

Resources: User Rated Hotels in Nantes (book direct). We highly recommend the stylish and inexpensive Hotel De Pommeray, which is in a great and central location.

A Cottage in Brittany

For romantics (and folks with families), renting a cottage in the rural countryside of Brittany might turn your hectic vacation into something special. HomeAway features over 5000 vacation rentals in Brittany (book direct).

Further Afield

If you're heading south, you might like La Rochelle, a fortified seaside village that's virtually untouristed by Americans, yet it's the third most visited city in France! Lots of maritime attractions, including the Aquarium and maritime museum.

The region to the east is Normandy. See our Normandy Map for more on visiting.

France Rail Passes

The itineraries mentioned can all be done easily by train. The France Eurail Pass might work for you if you're taking longer journeys in France. Be sure to check out the new Senior pass if you're over 60 years of age. You can book single-journey TGV tickets online also.

If you need to get to Paris from the UK and want tickets in advance, you can order Eurostar tickets online (book direct).

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