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Bruges, Belgium Average Temperatures

From James Martin,
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Weather Information for Bruges, or Brugge

What's the best time to go to Bruges? If you like shirtsleeve weather, look inside the gray box on our graph; the optimal time for good temperatures in Bruges is from May to October. High average temperatures, even in August, are quite moderate, hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius. Bruges temperatures are moderate all year around, but after October they drop off rapidly.

Note also that the daily temperature variations are quite small. Monthly differences between average highs and average lows don't exceed 9 degrees.


Rainfall in Bruges averages around 8 inches a month, from a low in March of around 6 inches, to a high in November of almost 10. In general, less rain falls from January through March than from June to December. The summer visitor should always be prepared for some rain in Bruges.

Bruges Average Daily Temperatures

bruges average yearly temperatures

Current Weather and Forecast

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Bruges Travel Information

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