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Camino De Santiago - Santiago de Compostela Walks and Tours

The Camino De Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route through northern Spain is one of the world's oldest trails. Pilgrimage is coming back into style, and walking tours are also becoming a popular vacation passtime. Why not take a pilgrimage walk in Europe on your next vacation?

Walking Spain's Camino de Santiago - Travel with a Challenge
Not a tour, but a description of what a Camino de Santiago walk is like. You may wish to read this first.

Inner Travel Books: Pilgrimage Books
Publishes books that feature visits to the sacred sites of well-known saints. Travelers can explore the spiritual sides of Italy and France with "The Pilgrim's Italy" and "The Pilgrim's France," available for purchase on the web site.

Spanish Steps - Camino de Santiago Walking Tours
Long, short, and alternative routes to walking the camino de Santiago. I would do the Camino del Norte route through the Picos de Europa for the magnificent scenery.

Independently Walking the Camino de Santiago with baggage transfers
Here's the cheap(er) and easy way to do the Camino de Santiago. In Eight days you'll walk 100kms/62 mi of the Pilgrimage trail--which is necessary to receive a La Compostela certificate--and a driver will take your bags to your next accommodation point. Note that the prices are estimated per person per night--you'll have to contact them for a full quote.

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