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Take a Virtual Tour of Cappadocia Through the Pictures of Beth Hoffmann


Cappadocia is one of the "really, really big" attractions of Turkey. Cappadocia's surreal and volcanic landscape is like no other, a world of shapes formed by soft ash layers eroding faster than harder areas of basalt and andesite, in certain areas forming into conical shapes called fairy chimneys.

The soft tufa/ash was easy to work, and early settlers carved crude caves which were enlarged and enhanced through the many years of occupation of the Cappadocia area.

You can easily visit these structures through a tour from Istanbul or go independently as Beth Hoffmann, the photographer did.

Enjoy Beth's Cappadocia Pictures. Click each thumbnail picture to see it full size.

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cappadocia picturesCave Entrances Dot the Cappadocia Landscapecappadocia picturesPicture of Fairy Chimneys Seen From a Hot Air Ballooncappadocia picture, cappadocia landscapeA colorful plateau in Cappadociacappadocia picturesPicture of Turkish Coffee and Turkish delight served at a Cappadocia cafe
cappadocia picturesPicture of the view from a Cappadocia cafe.cappadocia pictureThe Shadow of a Hot Air Balloon Over the Cappadocia LandscapeCappadocia Balloon CaptainCaptain Mike, Captain of a Cappadocia Balooncappadocia picturesHiking Trail Picture
cappadocia picturesPicture of a cave entrance in Cappadocia, Turkeycappadocia picturesPicture of a Wall Painting on a Cappadocia Painted Cavecappadocia pictureCappadocia Pomegranate Standcappadocia picturesPicture of a Popular View Spot in Cappadocia
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