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Carnival Celebrations - Europe Festivals - Fasnacht - Carnevale

Carnival or carnevale is a major winter/spring festival celebrated throughout Europe. Here is information on European celebrations of carnival.

Carnevale Festivals in Italy - Italian Carnival Traditions
Learn all about carnevale or carnival traditions in Italy, then go on to page two, featuring Italy's top carnival celebrations in Venice, Viareggio, Ivrea, and abroad.

Mardi Gras in France and New Orleans
Learn about carnival celebrations in France, and especially Nice.

Top 5 Top Five Spanish Carnival Cities
Looking for a place to enjoy carnival in Spain? Spain for Visitors guide Damian Corrigan tells you of his five favorite cities that celebrate carnival with gusto.

Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia)
The 2006 Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia 2006) will be held from February February 17th to the 28th.

Basel Fasnacht (Switzerland)
Basel Fasnacht in 2006 will be held on March 6-8.

Carnival in Aalborg - Northern Denmark
The carnival parade is the largest in Northern Europe with round 25.000 people participating. Carnival is usually held in May.

Carnival of Cultures - Berlin
The international summer carnival is usually celebrated in late May or early June.

Carnival in Germany
A great description of what carnival has become, and how it's celebrated in Germany.

Düsseldorf Carnival
Düsseldorf Carnival is usually held in February, with some hijinks in November. "Between the 11th November and Ash Wednesday, more than 600 carnival sessions and fancy dress balls take place."

Lucerne Carnival
The six day street party is held on "Dirty Thursday till Carnival Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday."

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