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Current European Weather and Precipitation Map

Find Out What the Weather is Like at Your Destination in Europe

The map below shows the current temperatures and weather conditions for Europe. You can use the zoom control on the left to see more of the world if you zoom out. If you zoom in, more weather station data will be shown.

The + control on the right allows you to turn off the stations or precipitation overlay, helpful if they get in the way of reading the map.

European Weather Map: Current Conditions

European Climate Zones

The area along the Mediterranean from Portugal to the Black Sea exhibits a Mediterranean climate. Expect wet winters and dry summers. Marine influences are seen in the north of Spain, France and Germany and the entire counties of Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, UK and Ireland. Expect wet winters with moderate temperatures, and slightly drier summers with moderate temperatures. The climate is influenced greatly by the Gulf Stream.

Islands in the Atlantic like the Azores exhibit a stable, Subtropical climate with suprisingly moderate temperatures summer and winter. A vacation, if you don't mind a little rain at times, can be planned almost any time of the year in the Azores or Madeira.

For further discussion of European climate, see: Europe Climate and Precipitation Maps.

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