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Corsica Transportation Map: Getting to and getting around Corsica


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Corsica Map: Getting around Corsica; Tourist Train, Ferries, and Trails.

Corsica Map © 2006 by James Martin
Getting to Corsica

You'll either come by air or ferry, unless you're lucky enough to own your own boat. International airports in Corsica are found near Ajaccio and Bastia, while smaller ones exist near Calvi, Figari, and Propriano.

Ferry ports are shown in light blue on the map. Major ferry companies serving Corsica are:

  • SNCM leaves from Marsailles and Toulon to most ports in Corsica.
  • Le Méridionale leaves from Porto Torres & Marseille.
  • Moby Lines leaves from various Italian ports including Sardinia and Ebla.
  • CorsicaFerries leave from Savona and Livorno, Italy.

Distances and Estimated Driving Times in Corsica

  • Bastia - Ajaccio: 153 km, around 2 hours driving time
  • Bastia - Bonifacio: 171 km, 2.5 hours
  • Bastia - Calvi: 92 km, < 2 hours
  • Bastia - Corte: 70 km, 1 hour
  • Ajaccio - Bonifacio: 132 km, > 2 hours
  • Ajaccio - Corte: 80 km, 1 1/4 hours

The Corsica Tourist Train

You can take the Tourist train around Corsica; it stops at many places of interest to the tourist. Chemins de fer de Course has information. You can purchase a pass good for a week on the trains for 47 Euros. The interest here isn't just quaint towns, there are nature preserves and the like you can visit from the train.

The GR20 Trail in Corsica

You can cross Corsica on foot if you like. In addition to the 100 mile long GR20 long distance trail in red on our map, there are many shorter trails in Corsica to trek on. see Calinzana - start of Corsica's GR20 mountain path for detailed information for walking the trails of Corsica. You can reach Calenzana by bus from Calvi. The trail takes nearly 100 hours to complete; there are villages and refuges at decent intervals along the way.

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