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Dordogne Travel Guide and Maps


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Dordogne Location Map - Where is the Dordogne? Why Go to the Dordogne?
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France Map: Location of the Dordogne in France.

James Martin
The Dordogne département (24) is found within the Aquitaine region of the southwest corner of France. Most French people refer to the area as the Périgord, a name used for the region before the French revolution; the region changed its name to the Dordogne in 1790.

Why come to the Dordogne? Well, the beauty of the region is unsurpassed; rivers cut through limestone, leaving fantastic cliffs people have built around and into for thousands of years. The vast system of caves below the earth hold art so old it's difficult to think that people could have been so talented back then. And the cuisine is one of the best in all of the world. After all, the Perigord is known for Truffles and foie gras, two of the most sensuous tastes on the planet. You'll find lots of duck and goose cooked in interesting ways.

There are many chateau in the Dordogne as well, a density similar to the famous Loire castles, just less visited.

The Dordogne is just inland from Bordeaux, so wine is no problem. Famous dessert wine is produced at Monbazilac, and cheap, adequate reds are produced around Bergerac.

The Dordogne is compact and full of things to do. It's a great place to take the kids.

Next, we'll view a map of the Dordogne region and I'll show you what you can do in a very small part of the Dordogne, the Perigord Noir, where prehistoric folks found canvases for their extraordinary art in Lascaux and other painted and engraved caves.

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