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Dordogne Travel Guide and Maps


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Getting Your Bearings in the Perigord - Dordogne Map and Travel Information
dordogne map

Dordogne Map: Map of the four regions of the Perigord.

James Martin
Here is the entire Dordogne region. The region is divided into 4 parts, the orange dots represent the primary market towns.

The Périgord verte (green) is named for the verdant hills around the center, Nontron. Many rivers crisscross this section.

The Périgord blanc (white) is so named because of the lanscape's exposed limestone, which has been used for building materials in the cities.

The Périgord Pourpre (purple) is, as you might expect, a wine region. Wines take the names of the towns on the map, Bergerac and Monbazilac.

The Périgord Noir (black) is probably of the most interest to the traveler. It is here that the underground is laced with prehistoric painted and engraved caves--Over 150 sites line the Vézère river alone. The region is dark with trees, especially walnuts, for which it is famous, as well as being known for its black truffles. The center of the study of the region's prehistory is here as well, in the new National Museum of Prehistory perched on a cliff in the village of Les-Eyzies-de-Tayac.

Next, we'll take a look at the Périgord Noir, the most interesting section of the Dordogne, in more detail.

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