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Europe vs. US Size Comparison Map

From James Martin,
Your Guide to Europe Travel.

Know what it takes to drive around your state? Then see how your state matches up with Western European countries with our interactive map

The map of the United States sits on top of our map of Western Europe. To move the map, click on the red dot (or any line on the US map). Your mouse will "grab" the dot and you'll be able to move the US map around to align it over Europe.

And how long does traveling around Europe take by train? Check out this Interactive Rail Map of Europe to find out.

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Europe vs. US size comparison map © by James Martin, licensed to About
Click and drag the red dot to begin

Notes on Map Size and Area

The scale of the two maps are meant to be the same. Due to the distortion in different projections and the simplifying of boundaries, they might not be exactly accurate, but good enough to give you an idea of relative size or difference in area between European countries and US states. Here are some comparison numbers:

France (211,000 square miles) is between Texas (269,000 square miles) and California (164,000 square miles) in size. Austria (32,000 square miles) has almost exactly the same area as Maine. Italy is just about the size of California.

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