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European Vacation Planning - Planning your Trip to Europe

Planning a Europe trip? You'll have to do some travel planning before you go on that European vacation. Find information on obtaining a passport, staying healthy, making sure your electronics will work in Europe, language help, currency, and how to save money planning your Europe vacation.
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Europe Travel 101 - Before you take that first trip to Europe
A timeline for planning your first trip to Europe. What paperwork you need to take care of, what to bring, transportation and accommodation planning and more.

The Best of Europe
The best of Europe, including best cities, best off the beaten track places, best nude beaches, best walks. Some of my favorite destinations in Europe

Unanswerable Travel Questions Answered Scientifically
We get some odd travel questions here on Europe Travel. In this article we try to decipher them and then answer them in a scientific way. You'll actually learn a lot if you've never been to Europe and you'll probably chuckle a bit if you have.

Europe's Best Cities - My Favorite Vacation Cities in Europe
So you're planning your European trip and the big question is "what are the best cities for tourists in Europe?" Well, here are my selections for Europe's best cities.

Do I need A Travel Visa to Visit a European Country?
In general, if you are from North America Australia, Croatia, Japan, or New Zealandand vacationing in a European Union Country for fewer than 3 monts, a travel visa is not required. All that is needed is a valid passport. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return from Europe. Members of the EU only need a passport or ID card to travel between count…

Top Small European Cities
Here's a list of the best European small cities, my favorite cities smaller than 250,000 population.

Planning your Trip to Europe Using the Europe Travel Site
If you're planning a trip to Europe, here's an where to find great travel information on this Europe Travel and the About travel network.

How Long Can I Stay in Europe
How Long Can I Stay in Europe? Long term stays in Europe are determined by the terms of the Schengen Agreement.

What's the Cost of a Meal in Europe? Food Budgeting Tips 2008
How Much Does Food Cost in Europe? I compare food costs in the U.S. and in France and Italy. Food cost is just about the same, even with the extremely weak dollar.

Europe off the beaten track - My favorite European Vacation Spots
Off the beaten track destinations aren't as undiscovered as they used to be. Still, here are my picks for spectacular European destinations overlooked by most tourists.

Before You Go on a Day Trip - Is a Day Trip Really Worth It?
Day trips are tempting. Is it better to stay in a place or take a day trip? The answer might surprise you.

Rick Steves Travel Journal
Review of Rick Steves Travel Journal, a travel journal you use to record your journeys.

Essential Travel Items and Books for European Vacations
Our European travel gift guide has gift suggestions for the European traveler and items you'll want yourself if you're planning a European vacation.

Travel Guides and Books for Western Europe
These books about Europe travel range from general Western Europe guidebooks to monastery stays and specialty travel. Whether you want to walk, drive, bicycle, or ride the train through Europe you'll find the books you need here. There are guide books for individual Western European countries, too. So pick a book and start your vacation planning. These books make great gifts for the traveler plan…

Your Travel Personality - Avoiding Conflicts When Vacation Planning
Your travel personality may clash with your significant other's. Here are some typical travel personalities and how they plan travel and how conflicts between personalities can be avoided.

How Has Vacationing in Europe Changed in 30 Years?
2007 is the 50th anniversary of Frommers Europe on $5 a Day. Here is how travel has changed for me over the last 30 years I've been traveling to Europe.

Travel Budgeting - Budget Your Travel to be Frugal, not Cheap
Travel budgeting tips. Information on how to budget your vacation so you can enjoy it. Tips on being frugal rather than cheap while you budget your vacation

Deep Travel - Taking time to get to know a place
Deep Travel is a way for the tourist to try to blend in with the locals, making travel an enjoyable way to take part in a culture.

Europe's Best Walled Cities
Like your medieval walled cities nice and tidy? Here are the best walled cities in Europe--featuring complete walls from the Medieval times.

Youth Travel - Why it is Important for Youth to Travel
It's important that youth travel. Culture thrives on knowlege. Youth travel is often ignored in the US, a country trying to shape the world's culture.

The Grand Tour of Europe Revisited
Don't have a lot of time for European vacation planning? Here are some tips for hitting the European highlights.

Off Season Travel In Europe - Tips and Tools for Off-Season Vacations
Off season vacations in Europe can be very rewarding if you plan right. We feaure tools and tips for off-season travel.

A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller Review
A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller by Frances Mayes is her latest book and a good one for those planning to travel to Europe.

Footloose Travel - Planning Tips for Flexible European Travel
How much Europe trip planning is enough? Too Much? Here's what I suggest for destination planning, hotel planning, and transportation planning.

How to ask a travel question
You'll get a lot of good ideas for your vacation from our forum or from travel newsgroups, or even from using a search engine. But asking the right questions in a detailed manner can increase your chances of getting an answer that'll help you. Read all about how to ask a travel question.

Tips on choosing a European vacation destination
You may be amazed at how people choose a destination for their next trip. Ever just see an amazing picture and immediately want to go there? Well, it's as good a way as any to jump into European travel. We have tips and resources on Europe for Visitors for both visual and kinesthetic learners.

Top European Guidebooks
Websites can help you find a destination and get your paperwork in order, but you'll still need a good guidebook to have on hand to use while you're at your destination. Here are some short reviews and links to help you buy a guidebook at a reasonable price.

Your European Vacation: What will it Cost?
While I can't tell you how much your vacation will cost you, I can tell you what mine cost. I've broken down the cost of transportation, lodging, and food from last year's summer vacation, and I give you some frugal travel tips as well.

A View Beyond - A Travel Adventure for Dreamers - A Year in Europe - Review
A view Beyond is a couple's chronicles of a year abroad in Europe.

Smithsonian Presents Travels with Rick Steves - a Review
Rick Steves and Smithsonian buck the trend toward an all online presence with the debut of their collaborative effort Smithsonian Presents Travels with Rick Steves.

European Customs and Culture: Tips for Your First Trip to Europe
Cultural differences between American culture and European culture explained for the first time traveler to Europe.

Anatomy of a Historic City
Anatomy of a Historic European City

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