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The Best of Europe - My Favorite European Destinations

The Best Destinations for your European Vacation


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The Best of Europe? He's Thinking About It!

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Luxembourg Gardens Fountain Picture: A Nose for a Good Fountain

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What constitutes "The Best of Europe" is a topic open to a whole lot of debate. It might depend upon the languages you speak, or activities you like to participate in.

Below is an index to information on some of my personal favorites combined with our readers' most popular destinations for your European vacation.

The Best European Cities- Six of Europe's top cities to visit on your vacation. These are the anchors for your European vacation, and can be combined with rural destinations, walled cities or lakeside wonderlands. Page two includes the Italian Big Three.

My Favorite Off The Beaten Track Destinations in Europe - There are hardly any more "undiscovered" places in Europe, but here I offer my favorite places that are pretty much ignored by a majority of European travelers.

Europe's Best Small Cities - Here's a list of my favorite small cities, walkable cities with lots to see and do.

Best Self Catering Vacation Spots - The very best places for renting a vacation house, beach cottage or apartment and exploring the surrounding area in a car. These are rural,small towns and nature areas combined to give you enough to do for a week or more.

The Best Walled Cities of Europe - I like walled cities. The best of European walled villages are quite romantic, despite the military implications of their fortifications.

Great Walks of Europe - Need to take a walk to get the kinks out? Here are my favorite walks and treks around Western Europe.

Best Nude Beaches of Europe - Where to go when you don't want to wear much but still want to be surrounded by beautiful people, swanky bars and gawkers.

Best Summer Festivals - Here's a list of the summers best and biggest festivals. You'll find smaller ones all around, but these are special enough you'd want to plan a special trip to see.

The Best of Rural Europe - Really get away from it all on your European vacation, get out into the countryside with my favorite rural destinations.

The Best of the Mediterranean - See our suggested itinerary of the best destinations to discover along the northern Mediterranean coast.

Best Lakes in Europe - A list of some of my favorite lakes in Europe, where you don't just stare into the placid waters but you can discover interesting things, from Puccini to ancient salt mines.

Within lakes and seas there are inevitably islands, and some of Europe's largest islands might astound you--or, better yet, entice you to visit.

Best Gardens in Europe - Here are some of my favorite gardens in Europe, often historical and formal. Of course, there are so many gardens and types of gardens, there's room to add your favorites, too!

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