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Best of Europe: Top Places to See, Best Places to Stay


If it's your first trip to Europe you'll want to hit the high spots. Just keep in mind that what's "best" for you depends upon what you really like to do or see. Here are some very popular places to go and things to do in Europe sprinkled with some of my favorite off the beaten track destinations.
  1. Europe's Most Popular Capitals
  2. My Favorite Smaller Cities in Europe
  3. Europe's Top Regions
  4. Best Wine Regions
  1. Europe's Top Monuments and Palaces
  2. European Roads and Places - Maps and Virtual Tours
  3. The Best Ways to Travel Around Europe

Europe's Most Popular Capitals

paris picture best city

Who could argue with Paris, Rome, London, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Berlin? The order of these was selected through a poll on Europe Travel, from most popular to least. Vienna was the surprise here, but any of these cities should thrill you.

My Favorite Smaller Cities in Europe

lucca picture, church, san michele

What about those smaller cities, places that aren't so overwhelming? Here are some top cities that will still offer an urban experience with all the museums and nightlife you'd expect, but are easily seen in a few days (that doesn't mean you can't stay longer, of course!).

Europe's Top Regions

monsaraz portugal picture

Lots of people thing in terms of places larger than a city. Most of Europe is divided into regions, many of which were individual countries or autonomous regions at one time or another. Here are some of my favorite regions in Europe to visit.

Best Wine Regions

hermitage, vineyards picture

Why visit wine regions? Well, if you're a foodie, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in just about every one of Europe's many fine wine regions.

Europe's Top Monuments and Palaces


Yes, those places that everyone asks you if you've seen on your European vacation. Evidently there are harsh penalties if you don't see at least the biggies on the European monument circuit.

European Roads and Places - Maps and Virtual Tours

best of europe, meteora

Here are some very interesting places that aren't cities. On your European vacation you might want to visit the quarries where Michelangelo picked his marble, or you might want to take your rental or lease car through some of Germany's "roads" picked for the density of castles or "romantic" villages. You might even want to walk up one of the world's most famous active volcanoes. Here are the best of places that aren't cities and villages.

The Best Ways to Travel Around Europe

naples italy, traffic jam

There are times when moving between places is the whole meaning of the journey. Scenic train rides can substitute for actually being at a destination. I love the little Flam railroad in Norway, the world's steepest. Then again, perhaps speed is of the essence. Did you know you can flog that rental or lease car around a racetrack on your vacation (don't tell anyone I told you...)

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