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The Hotel Star Rating System

Hotel star ratings, what do they mean? Here are resources to give you an idea of what you can expect from a hotel rated a particular number of stars by the government, the stars you'll see on the outside of every European hotel.

Seeing Stars - European Hotels and Star Ratings
Vexed over the fact that the four star hotel you've rented over the internet isn't as nice or interesting as the two star establishment across the street? We unravel the Hotel Star rating system and tell you how to exploit its idiosyncrasies.

German Hotel Classifications
The star rating system comes to Germany: "DEHOGA established in 1996 an official hotel classification in Germany that has been demanded by consumer associations in Germany for years."

Making Sense of Hotel Ratings
Although the article contains information from all over the world, the European section gives you an overview of the system--and the lack of a unified system for government rating of hotels.

Understanding the French Hotel Star Rating System
Written by the Senior Editor of a renown Paris guide, this article clears up the issue, and suggests 4 proven steps to help you pick the right France or Paris hotel.

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