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Pictures of Bective Abbey in County Meath, Ireland

Join us for a virtual tour of these evocative ruins a short drive from Dublin


Bective Abbey is a small abbey founded in 1147 by King Murchad of Meath for the Cistercians, now in ruins found in a farmer's field in County Meath, not far from Dublin. Some day tours out of Dublin will include it. If you have a car, the area makes a fine driving destination. You can find out more about visiting the Abbey at Betive Abbey - County Meath.

In Winter, the changing weather begged me to photograph these ruins time and time again as the clouds roiled behind the stones that were left, blasts of the shutter interrupting the staid Irish silence--activity in which Ireland Travel's Bernd Beige seemed to find considerable mirth...

So, all I can say is: here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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bective abbey picturePicture of Bective Abbey in March with clouds.bective abbeyThe Evocative Ruins of Bective Abbeybective abbeyRuins and the Irish winter skybective abbeyA Farm building near the Abbey
bective abbeyPicture of the entrance of Bective Abbeybective abbey pictureTree and Shadows: Bective Abbeybective abbeyThreatening skies over the Abbeybective abbeyTree and Paths: Bective Abbey
bective abbeyCarving in the cloisters of Bective Abbeybective abbey picturesThe silent cloisters of Bective Abbeybective abbeyThe Abbey on a Winter afternoon
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