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Emergency Phone Numbers for Italy

Spending time in Italy? You'll want to know the emergency numbers


Below are the emergency telephone numbers for Italy. Simply dial these numbers from anywhere in the country.
  • 12 - Telephone Directory Assistance Number
  • 112 - Carabinieri
  • 113 - Emergency Police Help Number (also ambulance and fire)
  • 115 - Fire Department
  • 116 - A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Club) road assistance.
  • 118 - Medical Emergencies

Italy - Country Code

The country code for calling Italy from outside the country is 39.

Notes on Italy's Emergency Phone Numbers

Public telephones are available throughout Italy. These days most operate by use of a phone card (Carta Telefonica) which may be purchased at any newsstand, tobacco shop or at many bars.

The functions of the Carabinieri and the Police in Italian society are overlapping. The Carabinieri are a sort of local branch of military police derived from the ancient Corps of the Royal Carabinieri instituted by Vittorio Emanuel on 13th July, 1814, who gave the Caraginieri the dual function of national defense and policing with special powers and prerogatives.

Carabinieri offices are located in many villages across Italy, and there is more of a Carabinieri presence than a police presence. In fact, if you're driving in the country and are nearing a collection of villages, you'll see signs directing you to the village where the Carabinieri office is located, with the emergency number printed below.

In some cities, you can call both numbers (112 and 113) and they will be answered by the same person. Try 113 first.

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