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Italy Regions and Islands

Italy is divided into 20 regions. Each region is divided into Provinces, and each province is divided into municipalities. The Italian regions are important in that many customs and cuisines are regional in Italy. Here you'll find information on the 20 regions of Italy.
  1. All 20 Italian Regions
  2. Emilia Romagna (16)
  3. Liguria (6)
  4. Piemonte - Piedmont (30)
  5. Puglia - Apulia
  6. Sardinia (23)
  7. Sicily (31)
  8. Tuscany (101)
  9. Umbria Travel Guide (31)
  10. Veneto Region (5)

Italy Region Map
Get a map of Italy's regions, including a printable map.

The Abruzzo - Rugged Beauty and Nature in Italy's Backcountry
East of Rome is this seldom-visited region of Italy called the Abruzzo. Home to a distinct cuisine, some very interesting archaeological sites, and some wild national parks, the Abruzzo should be considered as a destination by travelers searching for old world rustic charm.

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