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Rome Photo Galleries - Pictures of Rome, Italy

Travel to the Eternal City through our Rome Pictures


rome picture piazza navona fountain

Rome Picture: Fountain in Piazza Navona.

James Martin

Rome. There's no place on earth like it. You can't really capture all of Rome's vibrant society in pictures, but we'll try. See, Romans have an unabashed love for life, political bickering, and eating well. And, as many of our Rome photos show, ancient Rome just keeps popping up through the modern city as if to say "remember your past."

Rome at Night (8 Pictures) Pictures of Rome in December, from the Presepe in the Church of SS Cosma e Damiano to the Arch of Constantine.

Villa Torlonia Catacombs (11 pictures) - Under the interesting Villa Torlonia, there are Jewish Catacombs cut into the earth with frescoes.

Testaccio (9 pictures) In some way, it's my favorite Rome neighborhood.

Vatican Museum Pictures (7 pictures) The Vatican is a must-visit in Rome.

Rome - Appian Way (3 pictures)
Tombs, churches, catacombs, monuments, and a fine restaurant named after one of the tomb owners make this one of our Great Walks of Europe.

Rome - Baths of Caracalla (6 pictures)
The ruins are quite impressive in their size, but not all that much remains. Still, the spires of wall and half-domes that jut skyward often make evocative photos, and I've tried to capture them here.

Rome - The Colosseum (5 pictures)
The interior of the colosseum is currently undergoing renovation. Almost 3 million visitors a year are wearing it out fast. The annotations will give you some interesting facts about the colosseum, or Amphitheatrum Flavium as the Romans might have called it.

Rome - The Forum (4 pictures)
It's an impressive place, even though totally ruined. The pictures include one taken at night, when people come out to see the ruins after dinner.

Rome - The Pantheon (4 pictures)
Rome's most complete Roman building, the Pantheon is one of Rome's most impressive attractions. For history and visitor info, see our Pantheon Guide.

Rome - Roman Temples (4 pictures)
Three Roman Temples and an arch thrown in for good measure. What separates these three temples from most of the others that you'll hear about is that they are all pretty complete, usually because they were taken over as churches by early christians.

Rome - Trevi Fountain (1 picture)
Here's the famous fountain you come across on a pedestrian street, one of those grand surprises that sneak up upon you when you're walking Rome.

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