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Legoland Billund Location Map

From James Martin,
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Find your way to Legoland in Denmark

Legoland Billund is the original Legoland theme park, located in the middle of Jutland, the part of Denmark that "juts" up from Germany. Legoland Billund is located directly adjacent to the Billund Airport (Billund Lufthavn).

Legoland Location Map
map showing legoland billund

Legoland Billund Map © James Martin, licensed to About.com

Legoland: Why Go?

Legoland Billund is a great place to take kids. Pretty much everything you see is made out of Lego bricks, and there's some pretty amazing stuff represented, like The Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal. While much of the activity at Legoland is outside, inside there are antique toy and doll exhibits, Lego exhibits, and a Lego playroom where you can try your had at assembling masterpieces with Lego blocks (each day there's a winner).

Legoland: Distances from Major Cities

Legoland is 251km or 157 west of Copenhagen, 99km or 62 miles south of Aarhus, and 98 km or 61 miles from Odense in Funen. More distances and driving directions, including a map, are found on the Billund Airport page.

When is the Best Time to Go to Legoland Billund?

June through August offers the best weather for the area. Shoulder months of May and September are good, but the chance of rain increases in the fall. To see current weather conditions and historic climate charts to plan your vacation, see: Billund Weather and Climate.

Legoland Billund from the Air

Here is a map of Billund from the air. The Billund Airport is located on the upper right.

Legoland Travel Planning Resources

Check out all the information on our Legoland Billund resource page. You'll find more information, including Legoland's travel agency and information on the Billund Airport.

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